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The Rabbit In The Soccer Net

  The 7yo ran inside screaming: A RABBIT IS STUCK IN THE NET! When I went outside, the poor thing was writhing, frantic, the webbing wrapped doubly around its neck. It didn’t fight in my hands any more than my … Continue reading

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Beautiful Little Nonsense #7

The 6yo, eying the urn with our old dog’s ashes. “What are ashes like?” “Sand,” I tell him. He thinks. “Plus love.”

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Personalized holiday copies — FREESHIPME

Care to give someone a personalized copy of THE UNFINISHED WORK OF ELIZABETH D? Let me be your Amazon prime: If you order it this week through my local bookstore, Wellesley Books (http://www NULL.wellesleybooksmith-shop, I’ll go down and sign it however … Continue reading

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I Dream of Genus With A Light Brown Flair

Last night I dreamed I was in the grocery store looking for taco toppings, and wandered into the “New Produce” aisle — the place, of course, where new species are kept. Nestled next to an orange lettuce  was a bouquet of … Continue reading

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