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There be monsters and other wishlist travel

Over summer vacation my kids were addicted to RIVER MONSTERS, the extreme fishing adventure series on Animal Planet. Jeremy Wade’s silky British accent was the soundtrack of our rental house. Mysterious fish were killing kayakers on the Amazon, spearfishermen disappearing … Continue reading

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On the first morning of 2017

Last night (New Year’s eve) I dreamed I was working back at the travel magazine of my 20s, and Barack Obama was the editor in chief. The office was in a skyscraper the size of an entire city block, and … Continue reading

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Leaving the Martha’s Vineyard fair at sunset

                      My car is a glider on farm roads, up into the pinking clouds and away    

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Dirty hands

A month ago I started doing a CSA workshare at a local farm one morning a week in exchange for a full share of weekly produce. I wanted to get my hands on the fresh vegetables and learn a few … Continue reading

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Not just the facts

I was getting ready for an interview recently, a follow-up phone call for a magazine piece profiling a semi-famous person. An entrepreneur who’d started off on the completely wrong foot before finding the right calling as a television personality, and … Continue reading

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Sochi, My Worrisome Valentine

I first heard about the stray dogs of Sochi via my twitter stream, when a sweet homeless Shepherd (https://twitter was posted by ABC journalist Matt Gutman. Several days later, U.S. skier Gus Kenworthy posted a photo of the litter (https://twitter he plans … Continue reading

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Out Of My Comfort Zone

The other day I stood at the camera angle of this hallway, which was even creepier and darker than it looks (the iPhone has a decent flash). To say the walls were crumbling would be an understatement; where the drywall … Continue reading

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