Zen and the art of bunny maintenance

I know cats have a long history as writers’ muses, but I’d like to introduce the role of literary rabbit.

This is Waffles. We’re fostering him for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. In the past we’ve done kittens and pregnant cats and puppies and an owl hit by a car and a guinea pig who needed daily meds for a respiratory infection and now… an 8-week-old domestic lop-Dutch mix who needs a place to stay until he’s old enough to be neutered and adopted.







He’s curious about EVERYTHING.






Watching him while I work is weirdly addictive, Zen even.


See what I mean?

I’ve been informed that this move is called a binky. No fooling, look it up. It’s literally a no-reason random rabbit jump for joy. 


Everyone says, “How can you foster? How can you not KEEP THEM ALL?” Believe me, my family petitions for it almost every time. But a) we already have a dog, two cats, six chickens, a snake, and fish, and b) if we kept them, we couldn’t foster anymore. It’s an unsustainable model.

Plus the little-talked-about fact of fostering is that you’re like the proverbial aunt. You can enjoy the novelty of the visiting toddler. And then it goes home.

That said, I’m not sure Waffles is going home.


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