Birds and bees

This morning I was carpooling my 8yo and his friend, whose mom is expecting a baby.

Me, to the friend: “So, do you think you’re getting a brother or a sister?”

My 8yo: “You should ask your parents for a sister.”

Friend: “It doesn’t work that way.”

My 8yo: ?

Friend: “I know how it works. Don’t ask anything else. You don’t want to get your head in that place.” 

*        *         *

The 5th grader is having THAT health unit in school.

Him: “Mom, we had that class again. The one with the jungle book.”

Me: “What jungle book? You mean the puberty and development class?”

Him: “Me and my friends call it the jungle class.”

Me, afraid to ask but taking the bait: “Ok, why do you call it the jungle class?”

Him: “Because it leads to dark places and never know what horrible thing is around the bend.”

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