Cottage courage

cottage3Last week, we moved across town to a house on the edge of a wood. This week, we found this abandoned gem in the forest not 300 yards from our back door.

Inside is a rotting old couch, a 1950s wooden high chair, modern plastic Disney toys, and a 12-candle platter like an altar in the middle. Several pages of scribbles from a little girl named Helen, who wrote the word MUSIC several times in large childish lettering.

Then in a tiny controlled corner of the back of the page, “And now I know.”

Underneath is a deep, cold root cellar.

I don’t know whether to claim squatter’s rights and start writing there, or keep a respectfully wide margin spooked by the backstory I’m certain it has.


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  1. Melissa Crytzer Fry (http://melissacrytzerfry says:

    Oh my goodness… this is SO incredibly cool. And naturally – like you – I was thinking what delightful/spooky fodder this would make for a book. Did you find out if you can claim squatter’s rights? Could be an ideal writing space with your imagination inspired by the backstory you’re plotting in your mind!

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